A Little About Cape Verde and It’s People

There’s something exciting about the Cape Verde Islands. If you’re visiting Cape Verde for the first time, you will fall in love with the vast, unspoiled coastline, the beautiful beaches, the stunning natural surroundings and yes, with the Cape Verde art, fashion and music scene.

Let’s talk about Cape Verde music first. 

The Cape Verde Music

Cape Verde probably has the highest density of musicians per square kilometer of the island than any other country in the world. The Cape Verde culture is one that delights in music and the Cape Verde people are easily amongst the most talented bunch you will find anywhere.

Of course, such a claim is hard to prove, but that should give you an idea of what to expect during your visit to the archipelago. The musical styles here have strong African, Portuguese, Caribbean and Brazilian influences – in other words, as exotic as the archipelago itself.

The funana, a foot stomping dance beat is hugely popular in the cities. The morna is more sedate and features a slow and melancholic style. The coladeira is a lot of fun, featuring fast-moving, somewhat fluffy, dance music. The most popular singer here is Cesaria Evora, famous all over the world as the ‘barefoot diva’, and she sings in the traditional Cabo style.

The Cape Verde Culture

Cape Verde has a rich and diverse culture, largely because of the islands’ unique history. The islands are strongly influenced by the Portuguese culture, but have powerful African roots. You will also find flashes of Caribbean and Brazilian cultures here. Cape Verde is a unique cultural melting pot, open and inclusive, where everyone feels welcome.

Here are some interesting Cape Verde facts: The first thing you notice about Cape Verde? The fashion, of course. Cape Verde fashion is already quite famous around the world, especially in Europe – the folks here really know how to take care of themselves. The Cape Verde people may not be the richest in the world, but they certainly have a real swagger about them..

Next, let’s talk about the people of Cape Verde.

About People In Cape Verde

What do the people here do on a Sunday? Visit the Church, and later, enjoy a game of football (soccer). The Church and football (soccer) are the two biggest obsessions here on the islands.

The people here are a particularly religious bunch. The Catholic Church is a powerful institution here and it dominates every specter of life on the islands. Over 80% of the population here comprises of devout Catholics.

Soccer is the national sport and everybody here on the islands are proud of the former Manchester United star Nani, who spent his childhood inc Cape Verde. Everywhere you go you find kids playing the Beautiful Game, wearing shirts of their favorite English Premier League clubs, Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool, etc.

The interesting thing about Cape Verde is that although there is a fast growing middle class here, there are no class divisions here of any sort. Most people are poor, and yet so happy and self-assured. The crime rate on the islands is quite low, compared to some of the other places in Africa that we could think of.

Regardless of their economic circumstances, the Cape Verde people are a very generous and hospitable bunch and take great pride in sharing their meal with guests. They are also very helpful and go the extra distance to help a tourist who is lost or in some kind of distress.

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