Cape Verde Women Fashion Trends

Cape Verde Women

Cape Verdean Women at the beach in Sal, Cape Verde. 

Cape Verdean Women Fashion Trends

Cape Verde is a small nation that consists of ten beautiful islands that are located off the coast of West Africa. The Cape Verdean culture is a true depiction of a culture that is infused by many other countries including African and Europe. Due to the cultural melting pot and a population with origins from all over the world, Cape Verde women are unique and are considered by many as the most beautiful women on the planet. It is obvious to observe the different characterisitics of Cape Verde women on each island and the fashion trends they follow and align themselves with.

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Origins of Cape Verdean Women

Although Cape Verde is a small country, the sought after fashion trends of its women are predominantly aligned and comparable those of other prosperous countries. Whether you are a local woman living in Cape Verde or planning to visit and opt for the fashion trends of Cap Verde women, our article will be read-worthy for you as we are going to share the trendiest fashion of Cap Verde with you.

Dress and Outfit Preference

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If we consider the weather in Cape Verde, it remains hot in the summers but gets windy from December to March. Choosing light dresses can prove a wise decision and save you from the severe weather effects. Mini dresses with skirts are popular for parties. Off-shoulders and knee length is ideal for summer days while you can wear a cardigan over them during cold nights. Both plain and floral designs are in the fashion while deep neckline is more popular with Cape Verde women.


Jeans is a piece of fabric that never goes out of fashion. Cape Verde women also love denim and from their fashion trend, it’s not difficult to know that they are well aware of the significance of jeans. Most Cape Verde women like to wear high waist skinny jeans in black or white color. So, if you are going to visit Cape Verde then don’t forget to bring jeans with you. Wear it with crop tops and cardigans to get an instantly stylish look. Check out some of the outfits and selections that are readily available at CV SWAG. Moreover, jeans are convenient for all weathers while the presence of jeans in your bag simultaneously accomplishes all facets of fashion and clothing needs. See these high waist jeans to get a clear idea of the taste of Cape Verde women.


Cape Verde women love comfy yet stylish shoes. High heels ankle strap shoes are most liked by many Cape Verde women as they pose no difficulty during walk like stilettos and don’t look boring like flat shoes although flats and sandals aver very popular amongst Cape Verdean Women on the islands. The best of these shoes are their compatibility with every age group and perfect to wear for both parties and casual days. Black and silver colors are in the trend and you can pair them with any dress or bag.


Cape Verde women are crazy for stylish bags and totes. You rarely see them carrying a faux leather bag. They carry tote bags which are large in size and have more space. Buy a black or white bag for you as both colors always remain in the fashion and easily get paired with different dresses. Bright colors and bold prints are some fashion trends associated with Cape Verde women. They don’t hesitate to wear bold and unusual designs. They tend to wear dresses that instill confidence while supporting them during routine activities. Cape Verde women’s fashion sense is really outstanding and perfectly portrays their culture and heritage. Opt for Cape Verde Swag and stay ahead of fashion trends. Stand out from the crowd and dress to impress!

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